05 October 2020, 18:10

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation announces the start of accepting applications for competitive programs in 2021. 

Below is the schedule of the new grant season: 

Please note, that a number of changes were made to the 2021 competition programs. In particular, national and international cooperation projects do not require mandatory co-financing. Instead, co-financing can be offered by the applicant for any type of project. The Foundation shall consider co-financing as attracting resources exclusively in monetary form from other sources that are not prohibited by law, which are not grant funds of the Foundation and are used by the applicant to achieve the goals and achieve the results of the project.

More detailed information about the UCF-2021 programs, changes in them, and the Foundation's plans for the next year can be found on October 15, 2020 during the press-conference to be held at 09:30 at the Ukrainian National Information Agency 'Ukrinform' (Kyiv, B. Khmelnitsky, 8/16). The press conference will be broadcast live on the UCF Facebook page.  

Registration for media representatives: https://cutt.ly/ygqcKpu

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