Cultural Capitals of Ukraine

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The Cultural Capitals of Ukraine Program aims to stimulate the sense of belonging of members of territorial communities to their common cultural space, develop cultural tourism and support local cultural initiatives. The Competition Program also opens up an opportunity for Ukrainian territorial communities to establish partnerships with European cultural capitals and claim the status of the European Capital of Culture in the future.

The Foundation expanded the program and added the honorary status of “Book Capital”, aimed at promoting reading and developing the literature and book publishing sector.

In 2020-2021, as a part of Cultural Capitals of Ukraine, a competition for honorary annual statuses will be held:

•     Grand Capital of Culture - 2022

•     Small Capital of Culture - 2022

•     Book Capital - 2022


The program is implemented in partnership with the Ukrainian Book Institute and the NGO “All-Ukrainian Public Association “Institute Republic”, as well as with the information support of the All-Ukrainian Association of local governments “Association of United Territorial Communities” and the NGO “Association of Small Towns of Ukraine”.


The goals of the Cultural Capitals of Ukraine Program shall be:

•     involvement of members of the territorial community in the creation / distribution / promotion / use of cultural products;

•     expanding the consumer audience and increasing the competitiveness of local cultural and artistic initiatives at the national and international levels;

•     establishing links between local authorities and other stakeholders in cultural development (international organizations, civil society, business, cultural operators, etc.) for their further institutionalization in the form of sustainable partnerships;

•     creating a holistic image of the territorial community (through the development of branding, identification of the main cultural objects and events, etc.) as one of the Cultural Capitals of Ukraine.


Submission of a project application for the competition: 06.10.2020 ‒ 30.03.2021 (until 6.00 p.m. Kyiv time)

Competitive selection: 01.04.2021 ‒ 15.12.2021

•     Project implementation including reporting: from the date of signing by the Foundation the Grant Agreement, but not earlier 17.01.2022 ‒ 30.11.2022

Program registeries

Program dates: 01 October 2020 — 30 November 2022