Research. Education. Residencies. Scholarships

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Research. Education. Residencies.

Scholarships Program corresponds to the following priority areas of the Foundation’s activities:


1.   Supporting the development and functioning of the Ukrainian language in all spheres of public life both on the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

2.   Promoting respect for cultural rights, barrier-free access to consumption and the creation of cultural products, ensuring equal opportunities for personal development and self-realization for all citizens and communities.

3.   Supporting the projects aimed at conducting applied and other research of culture and creative industries in order to study the state of affairs and ensure the formation of evidence-based policies in these areas.

4.   Support of educational initiatives for the professional development of artists and cultural figures and creative industries.


The goals of the Research. Education. Residencies. Scholarships Program shall be:

•     to receive analytical data that would serve as a basis for developing cultural policies at the national, regional and local levels;

•     to generate new knowledge about consumers of cultural products and the state of development of the cultural and creative industries market;

•     to support the creation of educational programs for improving art education in Ukraine (formal and non-formal);

•     to support the creation of art residences in Ukraine to spread the latest art practices, internationalization of Ukrainian cultural projects and attract international mentors and artists to create cultural products in Ukraine;

The program supports the following sectors of culture and creative industries:

•     visual arts

•     audial arts

•     audiovisual arts

•     performing arts

•     cultural heritage

•     literary business

•     cultural and creative industries

As a part of the Research. Education. Residencies. Scholarships Competition Program for 2022, we offer the following LOTs:


•     LOT 1. Cultural research

•     LOT 2. Educational programs

•     LOT 3. Residencies

•     LOT 4. Scholarships


Submission of a project application for the competition: 19.11.2021 – 31.01.2022 (until 6.00 p.m. Kyiv time)

Competitive selection: 01.02.2022 – 17.05.2022


•     Project implementation including reporting: from the date of signing by the Foundation the Grant Agreement, but not earlier than April 30, until 31.10.2022

Program registeries

Program dates: 19 November 2021 — 31 October 2022