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Individual project

Required documents for submission of the application package

  • project application (electronic form to be filled in at the UCF website);
  • Annex 1 to the project application “Work plan and Project Deadlines” (PDF document);
  • Annex 2.1 to the project application “City CV” (PDF document);
  • Annex 2.2 to the project application “Report on conduction of public talks” (PDF document)
  • Annex 2.3 to the project application “Initiatives Portfolio” (PDF document);
  • Annex 2.4 to the project application “CV of team members” (PDF document);
  • Annex 2.5 to the project application “Communication strategy” (PDF document)
  • project cost estimates (EXCEL table made according to the page of the relevant competitive program);
  • full (extended) excerpt from the USR with up-to-date information at the time of application submission (PDF document).
  • The project co-financing guarantee letter provided by the applicant, indicating the sources of co-financing (scanned copy of the original in PDF) sample letter - X. Annex 6.
  • documents confirming the registration of the partner organization (scan-copy in PDF);
  • letter (s) of intention to cooperate with partner (s) (scan of original in PDF) Sample Letter - XIX. Annex 5;

Individual project (in the context of program “Culture Capitals of Ukraine” ) is a cultural and artistic project implemented by local authoritites.

According to the Foundation's rules, co-financing for individual projects of program “Culture Capital of Ukraine” is obligatory, and has to amount to 30% of the project budget. This means that grant share from UCF can amount only to 70% (or less) from the total project budget. 

Документи конкурсу

Кошторис конкурсних програм 2020 Гарантійний лист співфінансування (Зразок) Культурні столиці України ЛОТ 2 Додаток 1 Культурні столиці України ЛОТ 2 Додаток 2.1 Культурні столиці України ЛОТ 2 Додаток 2.2 Культурні столиці України ЛОТ 2 Додаток 2.4 Культурні столиці України ЛОТ 2 Додаток 2.5 Культурні столиці України ЛОТ 2 Додаток 2.3 Budget 2020
Подача заявок: 01 November 2019 01:00 — 15 January 2020 18:00
Подання заявки на конкурс завершено