LOT 3. Book capital of Ukraine


The Book Capital is one of the three honorary annual statuses of the capital of culture of Ukraine, which can be awarded to a territorial community with the capacity to implement an annual programme of cultural and artistic projects (set of initiatives) aimed at promoting reading and buying books among different age groups. holding literary events, forming the demand for literary products, supporting the professional development of actors in the field of literature, book publishing and book distribution.

LOT support priorities:

  • support for capable communities that show a lasting interest in promoting reading, development and strengthening areas such as:

- financing by local authorities of public library funds, library funds of educational institutions of all levels;

- increase in the number of bookstores and book retail outlets;

- involvement of preschool and primary school children in reading, especially in educational institutions;

- expansion of tools to support authors and translators (- nurturing authors and translators) (local scholarships, literary competitions, awards, prizes, etc.);

- increasing the presence of the book in public spaces (book exchange, mobile libraries, art objects that visualize and promote reading).

  • support for a portfolio of initiatives that demonstrates the presence of the local, national and international levels with the participation of international partners, as well as demonstrates the potential sustainability of these initiatives in the future;
  • support for a portfolio of initiatives that fits the proposed structure (at least 4 of the 6 proposed initiative products should be present in the portfolio of initiatives), with thematically integrated, harmoniously coexisting, complementary and mutually reinforcing, all together promoting reading

Total budget for the LOT is UAH 10 mln

Minimum grant amount (that cannot be decreased): UAH 5 mln

Maximum grant amount (that cannot be increased): UAH 10 mln

* UCF reserves the right not to spend all the funds allocated for this LOT

** Please note that the LOT budget may change both in the direction of increase and in the direction of decrease, after the Verkhovna Rada approves the Law "On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2021".

Applicants for the LOT may only be local governments.

Project application deadline: 06.10.2020 – 30.03.2021 ( 18.00 Kyiv time, GMT+2)

Project selection procedure: 01.04.2020 – 15.12.2021

Project realization including final reporting: starting from the date of Grant agreement signing (but not earlier than 17.01.2022) and until 30.11.2022

Lot open calls

Program dates: 01 October 2020 — 30 November 2022