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LOT 1. Educational Programs


LOT “Educational Programs” supports priorities: 

  • creation of projects in the field of artistic education, developing the professional competence in the following fields:

- management of cultural projects; 

- information technology in culture and art; 

- business processes and models in cultural and creative industries; 

- monetization of cultural and artistic activity; 

- strategies for cultural institutions management. 

  • development and testing of educational programs for further training of teaching staff of secondary and higher art schools;
  • development and implementation of educational projects involving international experts, particularly implementation of international educational programs;
  • development and implementation of alternative educational courses for “Bachelor” and “Master” programmes in institutions of higher art education;
  • development and implementation of Educational Programsfor technical specialists in art institutions.

Total budget for the LOT is UAH 10 mln*

Minimum grant amount (that cannot be decreased): UAH 50.000 

Maximum grant amount (that cannot be increased): UAH 1.000.000

*Please note that the LOT budget may change both in the direction of increase and in the direction of decrease, after the Verkhovna Rada approves the Law "On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2021".

Applicants for the LOT can be legal entities of all forms of ownership or individual entrepreneurs, duly registered in Ukraine in accordance with the current laws not less than two years before the competition announcement and duly experienced in the fields of research and analytics.

Project application deadline: 05.10.2020 – 14.01.2021 ( 18.00 Kyiv time, GMT+2)

Project selection procedure: 15.01.2020 – 30.04.2021

Lot open calls

Program dates: 01 October 2020 — 31 December 2021