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12 February 2019, 18:02

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation is honored to present The UCF Strategy 2019-2021

It is extremely important to us that we created this key document together!

The process of the Strategy creating was long and needed the efforts of many people. Therefore, we are especially grateful to everyone who contributed to the creation of the text at its various stages - from 11 sectoral public discussions to final reviews and comments. The strategy would not have been made without a number of strategic sessions of the UCF team; research and editing work of UCF specialists.

Special contributions to the development of the Strategy were made by leading experts in the field of culture, namely Stanislav Liachynskyi and Oleksandra Baklanova (International Renaissance Foundation), Oleksandra Hlizhynska (Institute «Republic»), Volodymyr Vorobei (agency for economic development PPV Knowledge Networks), Olga Berdanova, Volodymyr Vakulenko, Liliia Goniukova (all - The National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine ), Iryna Solovei (NGO "Garage Gang"), Nataliia Kryvda (Edinburgh Business School, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv).

UCF is grateful to the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine for its constructive advice and comments to the document, which made it possible to make it better.

The main goal of the UCF Strategy 2019-2021 is to form a common vision of our future and synchronize our efforts to achieve the goal.

So, we formed the strategic vision and highlighted in the first part the name-slogan of the document itself.

Culture and creativity for understanding and development: the diversity of cultural expressions and interaction provide conditions for values-based association and development of Ukrainians and the holistic positioning of Ukraine on the cultural map of the world.

UCF mission is the following: the Foundation introduces new mechanisms for result oriented and competition-based state funding for initiatives in the field of culture and creative industries in order to facilitate the development of the ecosystem of culture and creativity in Ukraine, which enables the creation and dissemination of new senses and common values in society, as well as contributes to the development of Ukrainian culture and preservation of cultural heritage in the context of world trends.

Ambitious? We agree. But we are guided primarily by all of you who are ready to create the history of the newest Ukraine and take responsibility for its cultural development today. We are inspired by your dreams and your projects, your creativity and your energy.

That is why we explain the consistent and motivated behavior of the UCF in the medium term perspective - and this is our strategic goals: it is important for us to develop the Foundation as an independent, authoritative, powerful cultural institution, but besides it is equally important to promote the creation of a quality Ukrainian cultural product, as well as to care for strengthening the role of culture in the development of our society. Also, we would like to see Ukrainian culture equal among others on the world map. We all are striving for it, aren’t we?

For this purpose, the UCF outlines a series of strategic tasks that will bring us closer to the desired goal. Specific tools, of course, will help. These are the internal (institutional) and external (grant) programmes of the UCF.

In 2019, the UCF launches eight grant programmes that will enable everyone to realize their most ambitious plans and the most cherished dreams, and we will implement our Strategy! Five have already been started, another will begin in March, and two more - in the fall.

Choose Your Programme:

  1. "Creating an Innovative Cultural Product
  2. Trainings. Exchanges. Residencies. Debuts
  3. Ukrainian Cultural Monitor
  4. Prominent Events for Ukrainian Culture
  5. Strengthening Capacity of Ukrainian Audiovisual Sector
  6. “Inclusive Arts” (in partnership with the British Council in Ukraine).

In addition to the grant programmes launched by the UCF, there is also not so noticeable but not less important internal activity. This is our "to do" list, without which we do not imagine our existence. It includes the analytical work, the development of standards for expert assessments, and the initiation of coordination groups with different areas of influence, as well as work with business angels and partner international programs, training and communication companies. We have many ideas on how to intensify and support those positive processes that have already begun to take place in the cultural space of Ukraine.

But, let's return to what we started with. We created the strategy together, and now our call to everyone - join the realization! As our applicants, partners, friends, advocates in their communities. We are open to everyone.

One of the important leitmotifs for this document for us is: only in partnership and only together it is possible to build an ecosystem of culture and creativity in Ukraine. And we do not just think so - we believe in it!

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