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Strengthening Capacity of Ukrainian Audiovisual Sector

REGISTRY of received applications for the programme "Strengthening Capacity of Ukrainian Audiovisual Sector"
REGISTRY of winners (LOT 5)

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation in 2019 opens the program «Strengthening Capacity of Ukrainian Audiovisual Sector», the program is aimed at supporting and developing the audiovisual sector.

Application terms

11 February 2019 – 22 March 2019

Total budget for the Programme - 400 million UAH.

Within the programme only the Audiovisual sector is supported

Theme areas: socially significant historical and cultural events (including the time of independent Ukraine), biographies of prominent Ukrainian figures, adaptation of works of Ukrainian literature (including Ukrainian folklore), educational video products.

Programme managers

Anatolii Osadchii

Oksana Kostan

Natella Shavadze


(044) 504 22 66 (Extension: 1713, 1834)

Strengthening Capacity of Ukrainian Audiovisual Sector contains 5 LOTs: