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23 May 2022, 18:05

Lyatoshinsky Trio together with opera singer Victoria Lukyanets are going on a concert tour of European cities to support Ukraine on the cultural front with the informational support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

The main purpose of the tour is to raise funds for the psychological and material support of children who have been victims of violence by the russian occupiers.

During the war, Lyatoshinsky Trio continued to do everything they could to support Ukraine on the cultural front. Today, young musicians have united in a common mission - to promote the works of Ukrainian composers abroad. It is also important that the works of Ukrainian composers become the voices of those who now need to be heard after russian invasion and horrific violence. 

The musicians emphasize: "We have to talk about those who do not have strength to declare their suffering in order to draw attention to this tragedy. We have to speak for those who are vulnerable. Through the opportunity to listen to music with an open heart, we hope that their pain will be heard and realized by Europe - all the depths of darkness in which their souls were placed by a russian soldier. Music has always saved and restored wounded hearts. We want our music to bring these souls back to light and give us hope."

At the same time, through music and popularization of works by Ukrainian composers, the  Lyatoshinsky Trio together with Victoria Lukyanets will spread knowledge about Ukrainian art and traditions and at the same time resist russian aggression on the leading European music scene and the world.

You can find the dates and places of the concerts by the link.

  • 29 May (11 am) -  BurgFeistritz, Feimtritz am Veksel, Austria
  • 31 May (7 pm) - PalaisEhrbar, Vienna, Austria
  • 6 June (6:30 pm) - Johann-Joseph-Fux Консерваторія, Grats, Austria
  • 7 June (6:30 pm) - Vienna, Austria
  • 19 June (7 pm) - AtriumNaŽižkově, Prague, Czech Republic

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