06 April 2022, 13:04

On February 24th, russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine and the whole of Europe. Losses of Ukrainian culture include not only tangible cultural heritage - museums, archives, monuments, architecture, theaters and intangible - traditions, folklore, songs, but also people - bearers of these traditions, professional artists, cultural managers and other professionals in the sector who form the identity of Ukrainian culture.

Today, the war in Ukraine requires a new relevance of the mission of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and joint efforts to preserve the cultural heritage of the Ukrainian nation.

We call on our foreingh, private and philanthropic partners to join us in supporting those who fight for democratic values. UCF offers to:

  • support cultural workers who have remained in Ukraine and are in need of basic means of living and security (form of scholarships);
  • support of cultural and artistic projects aimed at promoting Ukrainian culture abroad, implementation of projects in Ukraine (from of grant);
  • support for Ukrainian media;
  • support for the activities of the UCF.

Details are available by the link - https://ucf.in.ua/en/p/donate 

We will be grateful for your help!

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