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22 April 2022, 18:04

A meeting entitled  «Cultural and creative industries sector: support and development during war and plans after victory» was held with representatives of the culture sector in Ukrainian Cultural Foundation on April 21 (online).

The round table was joined by cultural operators from a wide range of sectors of culture and arts: filmmakers, musicians, art managers, photographers, art collectors and writers.  Event lasted two hours, during which speakers - Oleksandr Khorvat, Yuliia Sinkevych, Katya Taylor, Taras Demko and representatives of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation - shared their view of possible ways to support Ukrainian culture during war and it’s further development after our victory. 

«The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation will try to implement cultural and art projects that were received within the 2022 grant season. By joint efforts we continue the expert assessment of projects that have passed technical selection. At the same time , we have started a fundraising campaign, we continue to work on attracting external funds for further support of these projects. I note at once that we will not be able to support all projects. We will start from available financial resources. We already have some agreements with donors and partners and after all issues are sold  we will be ready to tell more details» - mentioned Dmytro Reshetchenko, Deputy Executive Director of the UCF for projects management

«The event turned out to be very fruitful and inspiring, and became a significant experience for both the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and its staff, and for cultural operators of the CCI sector. Ideas and proposals about more efficient fundraising were expressed, the importance of “soft power” of Ukrainian cultural diplomacy was discussed, the advantages of UCF activities during war were focused. We express our sincere gratitude to Pavlo Gudimov and Viktor Ruban for their constructive criticism and commitment to continue close forward cooperation» - summed Vladyslav Berkovski, the Executive Director of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

We underline that it is not the last meeting. A struggle is continuing, and the comprehensively developed cultural sphere of any human community is the basement of the victory of the forces of good and the establishment of truth. So follow the updates and let’s cherish Ukrainian culture together! 

Glory to Ukraine! Congratulations on the upcoming Holy Feast of Christ's Resurrection!

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