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17 January 2020, 13:01

On 15 January, the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation finished accepting applications for eight out of ten programs running in 2020. The total of 2284 applications were received, including: 

  • 983 for Innovative Cultural Product program,
  • 434 for Audiovisual Arts program,
  • 363 for Education.Exchanges.Residencies.Debuts program,
  • 189 for Prominent Events program,
  • 156 for Inclusive Arts program,
  • 75 for Networks and Audiences program,
  • 69 for Analytics of Culture program,
  • 15 for Cultural Capitals of Ukraine program.

Thanks to automated processing of applications, registers of all programs are automatically published on the UCF website. Data for these registers is generated automatically from applications, and the applicants bear responsibility for their content and style.

You can find every register on the webpage of the relevant program, “Program registers” tab.

Analytics of Culture
Innovative Cultural Product
Inclusive Art
Audiovisual Art
Prominent Events
Networks and Audiences
Cultural Capitals of Ukraine 

The registers include all applications finalized by the applicants, signed and submitted to the Foundation. Therefore, they could contain duplicates, i.e. the same applications submitted twice. Within five calendar days after publication of registers, we expect official letters from the applicants sent to the Foundation’s e-mail address info@ucf.in.ua (stating the project application number) with the request to disregard an application sent in error; otherwise, both applications will be automatically turned down in the technical selection phase.     

According to the Contest Selection Organization Procedure, all applications will have to undergo technical selection, which will continue until 07.02.2020. A notice of technical selection results will be sent to the applicant’s “Personal account” created on the Foundation’s website. Applications compliant with all criteria of technical selection will be forwarded to experts for evaluation. The expert selection will continue until 10.03.2020. A detailed calendar of the contest selection and project implementation timeframes can be found in the Instructions for Applicants available for all programs, separately for every lot.

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