29 March 2019, 16:03

On March 22 th the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation closed applications for the grant programme “Strengthening Capacity of Ukrainian Audiovisual Sector” aimed at supporting and developing the audiovisual sector. 658 applications were received in total.

By the number of applications submitted, the Kyiv region is leading with 490 projects. Also, among the leader-regions are: Odesa (26), Lviv (21), Kharkiv (18), Dnipropetrovsk (16).

By LOTs applications were submitted as follows:

LOT “Supporting Pre-production and Screenwriting in Audiovisual Sector” – 296 applications

LOT “Educational Projects in Audiovisual Sector” – 74 applications

LOT “Production and Post-production of Ukrainian TV-product” – 73 applications

LOT “Production and Post-production of Live-action, Documentary and Animated Movies” – 170


LOT “Promotion of National Audiovisual Sector” – 45 applications

The technical selection of applications has begun. Applications that meet the technical criteria of competition will be submitted to the experts for evaluation.

We remind that this year, each project will be reviewed by experts from the according sector of the Expert Council, as well as the Financial and Communications Councils. The highest possible sum score of the evaluation is 300. Projects that will score more than 210 points will qualify for funding from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. The next steps will be negotiation procedures, decision on financing and signing of a Grant Agreement.

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