18 May 2022, 12:05

On May 17, 2022, the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation gathered together representatives of the cultural sector with a common theme "Performative art through  war prism in Ukraine: challenges and opportunities". For two hours in the online format, well-known speakers - Alexander Knyga, Mykhalo Zhuravel, Tatiana Tizenberg, Sergiy Moisienko, Lesya Bilan and representatives of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation - spoke about the state of performing arts in wartime, the impact of war, transformation and adaptation to modern realities and prospects for support and development.

Dmytro Reshetchenko, Deputy Executive Director for projects management of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation mentioned that this was the third meeting with representatives of the cultural community. In particular, he spoke about the main projects of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

"The fundraising campaign is still going, in addition, raising funds in the near future will create new open calls to support artists who continue to work and implement cultural projects in Ukraine. We also continue to negotiate  with international institutions and partners", - stressed Dmytro Reshetchenko in his speech.

"We continue to fight on the cultural front. We can do much more than we think. We will win, and when our army gives us the flag of victory, we must preserve our talents to provide spiritual support for our fighters", - mentioned general director of the Kherson Music and Drama Theater. of M. Kulisha, Olexandr Knyga.

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation thanks all speakers for reports and examples of their work in this hard time. Such meetings are very important not only for representatives of the cultural community as a platform for communication and exchange of experiences, but also for representatives of government agencies, as an opportunity to obtain the necessary information to develop a strategy and policy for reconstruction of Ukraine. The video is available at the link.

Follow the information about the next meetings. Stand with Ukraine!

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