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"Scholarships" - a program aimed to support Ukrainian artists and cultural operators, students of cultural, artistic and creative specialties in the context of: financing travel for study, internships, participation in residences, exhibition projects, conferences, forums, conducting research in Ukraine and abroad. The program aims to encourage networking, including the sharing of experience, knowledge and skills that can be provided through the support of scholarship recipients.

Aims of the program:

  • provide financial support of mobility within Ukraine, through which representatives of the cultural and creative industries will be able to exchange experience and improve their competences;
  • to provide financial support for external mobility, which will promote the development of modern skills, knowledge and qualifications of representatives of the cultural and creative industries of Ukraine and provide them with access to materials that are available in archives, libraries, museums and laboratories abroad.

Budget of the Program for 2020 - UAH 800 thousand 

Minimum grant amount is UAH 5 thousand

Maximum grant amount is UAH 100 thousand

Within the Program the following sectors of the cultural and creative industries are supported:

  • Visual arts;
  • Audial arts;
  • Audiovisual arts;
  • Design and fashion;
  • Performing arts;
  • Cultural heritage;
  • Literature and publishing;
  • Cultural and creative industries.

Within the Program the following products are foresaw in 2020:

Individual participation of artists and other representatives of the Ukrainian cultural sphere  in following events in Ukraine or abroad:

  • "summer schools" or trainings in a specific educational courses for professionals and debutants in the cultural field;
  • an internship or other type of advanced training;
  • conferences, forums, workshops;
  • residences, festivals or exhibition projects;
  • conducting research or other preparatory work in archives, libraries, museums or other operating art institutions.

Applicants for the program may be individuals involved in a particular type of artistic or cultural activity, i.e. individuals who are cultural operators, artists and students of specialized higher education institutions (other) in the relevant 8 sectors of culture and arts.

The beneficiaries of the program are scholars and fellows in the field of culture and arts.

Expected short-term results of the program:

  • 16 fellows in 8 cultural sectors, including cross-sectoral projects, received financial support as a result of winning the Foundation's competition;
  • support for individual networking of fellows who have gone to study, internships for the purpose of advanced training or to conduct research in Ukraine or abroad;
  • exchange of experience and intensification of connections within the Ukrainian cultural and artistic sectors, new partnerships between cultural institutions / operators have been developed, and existing partnerships between them have been strengthened;
  • promotion of Ukrainian culture abroad.

Expected long-term results of the program:

conditions have been created to engage foreign experience in the field of culture for the implementation of innovative, relevant and competitive cultural and artistic projects in Ukraine;

  • implementation  of the knowledge, skills and competences acquired during training / internships / research by cultural operators, which is a guarantee of compliance of Ukrainian cultural and artistic practices with world standards and models;
  • products have been created (articles, videos, podcasts, and other art products) based on the researches that have been conducted.

Contacts: programa.scholarship@ucf.in.ua

Open calls

Program dates: 10 March 2020 — 31 October 2020