LOT 1. Street culture

LOT Street Culture priorities:

  • establishing street culture practices in Ukraine as an integral part of youth development that contribute to their cultural and personal development and self-expression;
  • integration of young people through street cultures into public life and providing alternatives to cultural leisure;
  • popularization of street cultures among the community - public events, festivals, etc.

LOT budget: UAH 10 million

Minimum grant amount (cannot be reduced): UAH 100,000

Maximum grant amount (cannot be increased): UAH 700,000

Priority products for LOT (the list is not complete):

  • jam / battle
  • exhibition
  • graffiti
  • festival
  • forum
  • video
  • web movie
  • video blog
  • podcast
  • concept of public space of street cultures
  • creative space concept (hub)
  • concert
  • performance
  • publishing
  • educational program
  • collection / display of street clothes

Please note: all projects supported by the Foundation must be in Ukrainian or provide translation into Ukrainian!

Children's or youth summer camps, as well as sports competitions of federations and projects of a purely sports orientation cannot be supported within the LOT.

Partner - NGO "Center of Street Cultures".

The Center of Street Cultures is a public organization that combines various forms of street kinds of sport and urban cultures. The organization is a leader in Ukraine and professes the vision that street culture is a philosophy of forming a creative personality that can change the world.

Applicant for the LOT can be a legal entity of all forms of ownership or a natural person-entrepreneur registered in the territory of Ukraine in accordance with the current legislation and having relevant experience in street culture.

Submission of a project application for the competition: 20.11.2020 - 15.01.2021 (competition of ideas) and 15.02.2021 - 12.03.2021 (submission of application packages)

Competitive selection: 01.03.2021 - 03.05.2021

Implementation of projects, including reporting: from the date of signing the Grant Agreement with the UCF, but not earlier than 30.03.2022, to 30.09.2022

Lot open calls

Program dates: 20 November 2020 — 30 September 2022