About us

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation is a state-owned institution created in 2017 in correspondence with the Law of Ukraine with aim to facilitate development of culture and arts in Ukraine, to provide favourable environment for development of intellectual and spiritual potential of individuals and society, wide access for the citizens to national cultural heritage, to support cultural diversity and integration of the Ukrainian culture into the world cultural space. The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation supports projects through a competitive selection process. Activities of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation are guided and coordinated by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

Our Mission

The Foundation introduces new mechanisms for result oriented and competition-based state funding for initiatives in the field of culture and creative industries in order to facilitate the development of the ecosystem of culture and creativity in Ukraine, which enables the creation and dissemination of new senses and common values in society, as well as contributes to the development of Ukrainian culture and preservation of cultural heritage in the context of world trends.

Priorities of UCF activities are:

  • To create favourable conditions for creative activities, partnership development and formation of common values of the civil society in Ukraine
  • To promote intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity
  • To guarantee cultural rights by ensuring equal access to cultural resources and equal opportunities for personal development and self-realization for all citizens and communities, regardless of cultural, linguistic, ethnic, regional, social, gender and other peculiarities or differences
  • To ensure the comprehensive development and functioning of the Ukrainian language in all spheres of public life on the territory of Ukraine, as well as promoting the study of the Ukrainian language abroad
  • To promote internationalization of Ukrainian culture, as well as coordination of the donor support to the projects related to culture and creative industries
  • To support creation of competitive innovative cultural product and professional development of artists, as well as development of children’s and youth creativity
  • To promote projects aimed at local development under the conditions of decentralization
  • To promote preservation and actualization of cultural heritage
  • To support research and analytics related to culture and creative industries
  • To promote development of educational initiatives, implementation of innovations and digitalization of culture

UCF strategic goals

  • To strengthen institutional and financial capacity
  • To support creation of cultural product
  • To strengthen the role of culture in society development
  • To support internationalization of Ukrainian culture