26 April 2019, 12:04

Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, adhering to the principles of openness and transparency, invites everyone to read the report of our activities for the I-st quarter of 2019 (January - March).

Let us remind you once again that this year, due to the increase in the number of programmes and, accordingly, the increased load on the Foundation team, according to the Procedure for competitive selection of projects and Instructions for applicants of all grant programs of UCF, the following procedure for informing about the results of all stages of verification of the application package shall be in force:

1. On the date of the deadline of the application phase for each of the programmes UCF publishes a list of projects submitted:

2. After that, all application packages sent to UCF undergo technical selection. The applicants are notified on the results of the technical stage of selection through a personal email, which contains a notification of passing/not passing the selection. Rejection letters also contain a detailed list of items because of which the application package was rejected at the stage of technical selection.

3. Application packages that have passed the technical selection, are going to be reviewed by the expert councils of the Foundation. According to the results of the expert review ratings, the applicants whose projects have passed the barrier of 210 points (namely, at least 70 points for each part: content, financial and communication) are invited to the negotiation procedures and signing of Grant Agreements. According to the Law On the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, the projects which budget at the expense of the grant exceeds 150 minimum wages are also subject to review and approval by the Supervisory Board of the Foundation.

4. For all programmes of the Foundation, the applicant will be informed personally on the results of the expert review, with an e-mail indicating the number of points received.

After completion of ALL stages of verification of application packages and signing of Grant Agreements with the recipients, the UCF will publish a register with the results of all stages of competitive selection (technical, expert and negotiation).

Since the beginning of April, the projects have been technically assessed, and the results are submitted to the review of the expert boards of the Foundation. The results of the technical selection of projects are documented in the Protocol of the Commission on Technical Selection of Projects. Projects review by experts is also documented in assessment protocols. At present the UCF team is finalising technical assessment protocols under the programmes Trainings. Exchanges. Residencies. Debuts, Ukrainian Cultural Monitor, Prominent Events for Ukrainian Culture and Strengthening Capacity of Ukrainian Audiovisual Sector.

All applicants will be informed by personal emails on the results of technical assessment.

During April, the stages of technical and expert assessment of projects under the programme Creating an Innovative Cultural Product were finished, the process of the negotiation procedures with the applicants whose projects have overcome the barrier of 210 points has started. The negotiation process and the process of signing contracts with the winners of the programme Creating an Innovative Cultural Product is still under way. All applicants who received the letters notifying that their projects had passed the stage of technical testing and got to the expert review will necessarily be informed through personal emails on the results of expert selection, indicating the received points as well.

The final register of the projects under the programme Creating an Innovative Cultural Product will contain full information about 547 applications sent: it will indicate the number of those that have not passed the technical assessment, the expert rating of the projects and those who signed a Grant Agreement after the negotiation procedures. The publication of this final register is to be done by May 6, 2019, after the completion of the negotiation procedures and the signing of agreements.

From April 27 to May 01, the office of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation will be closed for Easter holidays, we will be in touch with you again on May 02, 2019!

We wish everyone Happy Easter holidays in a friendly family circle!


Your UCF team

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