31 March 2022, 17:03

Representatives of cultural organizations condemned the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into the territory of independent Ukraine. They express full support to Ukrainian colleagues. They stopped any cooperation with the aggressor.

We condemn the violation of international law and Ukrainian sovereignty and calls for the withdrawal of all Russian occupation forces and the cessation of aggressive military activities on the territory of Ukraine. We hereby express our full support to our Ukrainian colleagues and to all citizens of Ukraine. Arts and Theatre Institute and Prague Quadrennial decided to react to the Russia's agression against Ukraine. PQ 2023 Festival team rejects Russian main exhibitions entry” - was in the statement of The Arts and Theatre Institute.

The Slovak Film Institute strongly condemns the Russian Federation's aggression against Ukraine's sovereignty and expresses solidarity and full support for its people.

It is unthinkable for us that the lives of our Ukrainian colleagues, as well as all the people of Ukraine, are in direct danger and their rights and freedoms, both as individuals and as a nation, are being ignored.  In solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues we suspends all presentation activities of Slovak cinema in the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. We suspend all presentation activities of Russian and Belarusian cinema on the territory of the Slovak Republic”, was said in the letter of Peter Dubecký, General Manager Slovak Film Institute.

The Slovak Film Institute also called on all partners to follow them and suspend all activities with these countries.

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