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29 March 2022, 10:03

The Lithuanian Council for Culture expresses its support and encouragement to Ukrainian cultural organisations and artists currently fighting for the freedom of their country. In response to the Russian-led war in Ukraine, the Lithuanian Council for Culture has already announced that it will not fund Russia-related cultural projects, even if funding has already been allocated, and has urged project promoters to change their activities or participants.

“Since the beginning of the week, we have been in contact with the Latvian and Estonian cultural foundations, with whom we jointly administer the Baltic Culture Fund. Our position is identical, concrete and united, which is something I have missed when dealing with a global, international network of funding institutions of this type. All three Baltic cultural funding bodies are cutting ties with the Russian Federation, stopping funded projects, and refusing to invest their own countries’ money in new ones. The only window left for discussion is a window for proactive opposition, including the appeal circulated by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation,” said Asta Pakarklytė, Chair of the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

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