25 February 2022, 12:02

On behalf of Ukrainian citizens, we would like to ask for the international support:

  • We ask to lobby for a No-Fly Zone over Ukraine. This practice was used in Libya in 2011 when NATO suspended all flights over the country’s territory. This measure should be introduced to protect Ukrainian civilians from Russian jets, drones, and missiles.
  • We ask to lobby for devastating sanctions on Russia, including a SWIFT cut-off, embargo on the import of Russian oil and gas, freezing of Russian state assets abroad, closing ports and airports for Russian ships and planes. To stop the war, the world needs to introduce sanctions with immediate effects. Every day of delay means the death of innocent people.
  • We ask to completely block Russian state media in your countries. They spread lies and poison your countrymen and countrywomen.
  • We ask you not to allow a naval blockade of Ukraine, since it will jeopardise not only the Ukrainian economy but also the food security of many countries.
  • We ask to condemn the aggression on all and any diplomatic platform, in any international organisation.
  • We ask for financial and humanitarian assistance, weapons, and equipment for Ukraine. For a list of organisations you can donate to click here.
  • We ask our partners and friends to spread the information and demand action from your governments!

#UkraineUnderAttack #RussiaInvadedUkraine #StandWithUkraine

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