24 September 2020, 15:09

Lingart, a platform for multilingual interactive audiobooks, and the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation have signed a memorandum of cooperation, within which they plan to increase the promotion of publications that were sold with the support of the Foundation.

To this end, the Lingart platform is ready to do a voice over for the books published through participation in UCF grant programs and work with publishers of these books on mutually beneficial terms. Available audio versions are on a platform and manufacturers are paid the royalties from sale. Non-profit publications will be available free of charge.

Lingart - an application that offers the most convenient way to listen to audiobooks:

  • Text and audio are synchronized, so each book can be read electronically and listened to in audio, switch between reading and listening, and read and listen in parallel, which studies show is 3-4 times better comprehension.
  • The text and audio of the book can be rewound into sentences.
  • There is an option to connect background music and special effects of comfortable volume, integration of text with dictionaries, as well as pictures, tables, tests, animation, etc.
  • The company promises to add a touch image response in the near future; the ability to create notes, reviews, share quotes with other users.

Lingart is based in Lviv, but focuses on the global market and plans to host books in different languages. Today, the platform already has books in Ukrainian and English.

Lingart team - winners of the StartUp Breakthrough, which took place in 2018 on the basis of Tech StartUp School (Lviv), winners of the All-Ukrainian Festival of Innovations (2019), finalists of the international festival Innovation-2019, winners of Creative Spark Startup Competition and National Startup Competition of Ukraine in 2020 (Startup Kyiv). In October this year, Lingart will represent the country at the University Startup World Cup international competition in China.

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