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23 March 2022, 13:03

For five years we have been working with you on the development of arts and culture in Ukraine, promoting cultural diversity, protecting cultural heritage, supporting artists and cultural projects, conducting research in the sphere of culture and creative industries, developing innovative cultural products, organizing festivals, fairs, forums and countering informational, and more recently, unfortunately, russian military aggression. 

Over the years, together with you, we have already managed to implement 2,470 cultural projects! Thank you! 

We believe in our army! We believe in our victory! We continue to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defense units, we fight for cultural sanctions against russia and do not stop our everyday work. So far, we have completed the technical selection for all grant programs planned for grant season 2022. Expert evaluation has been started in three programs: Culture without Barriers, Audiovisual Arts and Grand Event. As soon as we win, we will continue the grant season 2022.

Happy birthday, Ukrainian Cultural Foundation! 

Glory to Ukraine! 

Stay with Ukraine!

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