22 September 2020, 18:09

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation publishes the registers of the "Culture in Times of Crisis: Institutional Support" competition program, designed to promote the stable development of cultural and creative industries during the pandemic and to increase the competitiveness of small and medium businesses in the cultural sector.

According to the "Procedure for competitive selection of projects" competitive selection of projects takes place in four stages:

  1. technical selection;
  2. expert selection;
  3. approval of decisions of expert councils by the Di rectorate through negotiation procedures;
  4. approval of all draft decisions of expert councils approved by the Fund's Management Board by the Fund's Supervisory Board.

Accordingly, we publish:

Culture in Times of Crisis: Institutional Support

Program "Culture in Times of Crisis: Institutional Support (additional competition)"

Warning! Competitive selection continues. The information is supplemented.

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