22 March 2022, 10:03

Ukrainian Cultural Foundation develops a package of initiatives to support artists in wartime

This was announced by the UCF Executive Director Vladyslav Berkovski during the live broadcast of the national marathon "United News. Together we are strong".

The Foundation has transferred approximately 600 million UAH to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine according to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. However, we still have funds for the scholarship projects, and we are also working actively to attract financing from international organizations – all these funds are being accumulated in order to launch a package of initiatives in the near future aimed at supporting artists and cultural projects in wartime. We plan to cover three following areas. The first one is financial support of cultural events which are taking place right now and will take place during the war in Ukraine, as well as abroad, and are aimed at supporting our state, our fight against russian-belorussian aggression. The second area is support of Ukrainian media, as they are one of the elements in counteracting aggression. And the third one is support of Ukrainian artists in the form of scholarships” – Vladyslav Berkovski said.

And at the same time, Ukrainian Cultural Foundation continues fighting for cultural sanctions against russian federation.

Besides volunteer activity, UCF team has been communicating with international cultural organizations regarding the boycott of russian federation since the first day of war. We call on them to publish their public position on russia’s aggression against Ukraine and call for the immediate exclusion of russian representatives from all their projects. The International Council of Museum, International Council of Archive, European Cultural Foundation, Danish Arts Foundation, Romanian Cultural Fund, National Culture Fund of Bulgaria, European Folk Network and many others have already responded to our call – we inform about all of them on the UCF web site” – Vladyslav Berkovski said.

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