10 January 2020, 17:01

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation ended the expert selection contest held to ensure transparent and efficient selection of projects to be implemented in 2020 with the support from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

It is worth reminding that according to the revised version of the Regulation on Expert Councils of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, UCF expert councils are established for every contest program, covering the sectors of culture for which a particular program was opened.

The register of experts of expert councils who will be evaluating project applications in 2020 is available here.

Note that according to paragraph 6.4 of the Regulation on Expert Councils of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, every project application must be evaluated by five experts of the expert council of the program for which the application was submitted. 

According to paragraph 5.5 of the same Regulation, experts from other programs of the sectoral council concerned will be engaged for the programs which do not have the required number of experts. These experts will be automatically selected by the project management system based on the list of reserve evaluation programs which the experts state when registering in the system.

The insufficient number of experts in several program sectors is explained by the small number of expected project applications for the relevant lots of these programs and by the more pressing need to fill the expert councils of programs for which a greater number of applications is expected.

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