15 November 2019, 11:11

To ensure transparent and objective evaluation of projects submitted for grant programs to be held in 2020, the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation has improved its expert evaluation methodology.

From now on, every project will be simultaneously evaluated by five experts in the relevant sector and of the correspondent program board. The maximum number of points given by one expert is 100, and therefore, the maximum score a project may receive after evaluation by five experts is 500 points. 75 out of 100 points are given by evaluation of the project’s concept and implementation plan, and the remaining 25 points by evaluation of the quality of project’s planning and transparency of its expenses.

A project may be eligible for the Foundation’s support if it scores 201 points or more. If a project scores 200 points or less, it will be considered non-conformant with the funding criteria and deemed to not have received expert recommendations according to the Methodology.

A competitive selection of projects consists of four consecutive phases:

  1. technical selection;
  2. expert selection;
  3. approval by Directorate of the expert council’s decision via negotiation procedures;
  4. approval by the Foundation’s Supervisory Board of the expert council’s decisions endorsed by the Foundation’s Directorate concerning projects with the value exceeding 150 minimum monthly salary amount established by the law on the State Budget of Ukraine as of 1 January of the relevant year.

For information about eligibility criteria and the full text of the Expert Evaluation Methodology, visit the UCF website.

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