20 March 2023, 09:03

The Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg has allocated UAH 1.3 million (EUR 35,000) to support Ukrainian artists. The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation will be a partner of the initiative. This was announced by Sam Tanson, Minister for Culture of Luxembourg, and

Vladyslav Berkovsky, Executive Director of the UCF, following the working group meetings.

"After a series of meetings in Brussels with the Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine Oleksandr Tkachenko, Luxembourg has started cooperation with the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, which aims to support and encourage artists and creative professionals in Ukraine. Their work is essential for maintaining Ukrainian identity and culture, as well as freedom of artistic expression as a fundamental European value. In providing such support, the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation has proven to be an effective and transparent institution. During the working group meetings, we reached an agreement on the mechanism of distribution and provision of funding, which fully satisfies us, and we look forward to fruitful cooperation", - said Sam Tanson, Minister for Culture of Luxembourg.

"According to the signed Agreement with the Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg, the funds will be used to support individual artists under the grant program "Restoration of cultural and artistic activities". Thanks to the provided support, it will be possible significantly expand the number of scholarship applicants for the program.

I am grateful to Mr. Minister Sam Tanson and the people of Luxembourg for their trust and support of Ukrainian culture and the Ukrainian nation", - said Vladyslav Berkovsky, UCF Executive Director.

The scholarship holders will be funded according to the rating register under LOT 2 of the program "Restoration of cultural and artistic activities". The stage of negotiations and signing of contracts with the winners will last until May 15 inclusive.

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