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03 November 2018, 01:11

End of the year approaches and this means that Ukrainian Cultural Foundation prepares to report to tax payers on spent funds.

According to the law of Ukraine “On Ukrainian Cultural Foundation”, Foundation’s funds are distributed in following proportion:

  • 8% from overall budget Foundation uses for the operational needs;
  • 8% are set for the payment for Foundation’s experts work;
  • 84% are directed for the support of cultural and art projects.

Operational needs of UCF office – are Foundation’s equipment and material procurement, salaries of Foundation’s staff, expenditures for business trips, organization of events, catering, utility payments, etc.

During 2018 Ukrainian Cultural Foundation held:

  • Constituent meeting and strategic session;
  • 11 sectoral strategic sessions;
  • 6 information days in Kyiv and other big cities;
  • I International Fair for Cultural Grants (together with Creative Europe Desk Ukraine)
  • Training of UCF experts (evaluation methodology of grant applications)

Also, in December 2018 is planned to hold Report Conference (for grant receivers and press) and information day (that will start application period for the contests in 2019).

2000 people in total visited events organized by UCF.

Catering services were used during the events:

  • Since May 2018 UCF signed 14 catering service agreements in Kyiv and regions as part of the events’ organization for the total sum of 199 851,44 UAH;
  • In order to organize I International Fair for Cultural Grants agreement was signed (water supply services for 300 people) for the total sum of 26 720 UAH;
  • For the events, that will be held in November-December 2018, UCF held open tender for catering services. LLC “Zhyvyi Keitering” (Ltd. “Live Catering”) was chosen as winner with whom agreement was signed for the total sum of 265 700,00 UAH.

Detailed report of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation’s work for the 2018 will be published on the website after Closing conference that will be held on 14 December 2018.

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