17 July 2023, 09:07

On 20th of July, Ukrainian cinemas will screen the documentary Iron Butterflies about the downing of a Malaysian Airlines plane by the Russian military at the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war. The screenings are dedicated to the ninth anniversary of the tragedy, which was marked a few days earlier on 17h of July.

In summer 2014, the Russian militaries shot down a civilian aircraft, flight MH17, with 298 people on board in the skies over the Ukrainian Donbas. The Russian government immediately began to deny any responsibility for the tragedy, and propaganda began to work at full capacity to try to conceal the true circumstances of the crime. The film tells about the circumstances of the war crime, which was investigated for 8 years.

"Iron Butterflies is a new work by documentary filmmaker Roman Liubyi, the director of "The War Notebook", a documentary created from personal videos from the phones and cameras of Ukrainian defenders. The film was created by the Babylon'13 Film Association in co-production with TRIMAFILM (Germany) and RBB/ARTE (Germany) with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the Ukrainian State Film Agency.

See the screening schedule and ticket information via the link.

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