12 August 2022, 15:08

Creative industries suffered a drain of talent, reduced funding, reduced demand for cultural products and services, and negative effects of disrupted supply chains during the war. State funds allocated to culture in peacetime have been redirected to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine under martial law. But at the same time, creative industries received a chance to become the engine of Ukraine's recovery after the war. Some entrepreneurs continue to work exporting creative products and supporting the state's economy. Creative specialists have organized many volunteer initiatives and have been helping the army, forced migrants, and the civilian population in the territories freed from occupation since the beginning of russian invasion. In order to build an effective interaction with cultural figures in these tough conditions, a deep understanding of their internal state and the peculiarities of responding to challenges is necessary.

In order to collect and analyze information about the state of creative industries during the war for further development of a plan to restore the cultural industry and encouraging partners and donors to support national creative industries, the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation together with the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine conducted an anonymous online survey of creative entrepreneurs and creative specialists - applicants of the UCF 2020-2022.

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