10 July 2023, 10:07

Cultural and artistic projects supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation were presented in Rivne region. Among them: 

  • Interactive online map "Places of Memory of the UPA: Catalogue of Historical Monuments in Rivne Region";
  • "Ostroh Iconography Workshop: A Virtual Museum";
  • "Digitisation and cataloguing of Cyrillic old printed books in the collection of the State Historical and Cultural Reserve of Ostroh";
  • "Digitalisation of the Art Collections of the Museum of History of the National University of Ostroh Academy";
  • "Animation History of the Princes of Ostroh";
  • "Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries.

The total amount of funds raised for the development and preservation of the region's cultural heritage is more than UAH 4 million. The projects will be implemented by teams of four organisations - the NGO "Town Image Studio", the NGO "Rivne Goryn", the ICF "Ostroh Academy Renewal" and the NGO "Brotherhood of the Princes of Ostroh".

"At a time when the enemy is destroying our culture, the process of digitalising management documentation processes and digitising heritage sites is more important than ever. This is not only the protection and preservation of our history, not only the modernisation of the consciousness of the modern management of cultural institutions, but also an opportunity for the civilised world to touch the Ukrainian cultural heritage from any corner of the world, an opportunity to understand who Ukrainians are and who Ukraine is.

The work of Ostroh's teams in attracting investments for the development and preservation of cultural heritage is a good example for other communities in our country to follow. When there is a will, everything will work out", - said Vladyslav Berkovskyi, Executive Director of the UCF.

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