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09 June 2022, 15:06

"Ukraïner. The Movie" is a full-length film of the media project "Ukraïner", supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, about one day in free and independent Ukraine which is created by unusual Ukrainians.

The film consists of six unique stories that are woven into the whole film. The characters of the film are not connected, their worlds are different, but it is this "difference" that unites our country.

The Movie is a visual narration about the everyday life of the least known country of the European continent. The movie consists of six stories woven into a single canvas. Each of them shows a usual day taking place in Ukraine, the country created by unusual people. The main characters are not connected with each other, and the worlds they live in are completely different. Those differences are the glue that keeps this country together and unites it.

"While a painter is covering the walls of an abandoned house with ornaments in a village in Podillia region, the wild honey farmers are climbing the trees to collect a fresh batch of honey in Polissia. At the same moment in Kamyanets Podilskyi, the shuttle bus driver is done with his workday and is putting on the uniform of motoball player. From the noise and roar of the engines, we dive into the quiet of Prymorske, where the lighthouse stands and its keeper is scanning the horizon. Meanwhile, the Kishchuk family in the Carpathians is weaving in the first woollen thread of the new lizhnyk and the next thing we see is the New Safe Confinement at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant where hundreds of people continue working on daily basis", - say the authors of the film.

The film is available here.

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