07 May 2022, 09:05

Ukraine acknowledges everyone who fought Nazism, as well as all the victims of World War II, which became the bloodiest and most brutal conflict in the history of mankind, killing from 50 to 85 million people worldwide. 

During the Second World War our land was one of the main battlefields, where we lost eight million Ukrainians and other peoples who lived on our land. 

Today, as in the middle of the last century, we are once again defending our homeland from the aggressor-occupier. 

We have never been invaders like Nazis or rashists, so truth and strength are on our side. On the other hand, russia, which has participated in several wars and military conflicts over three decades as an aggressor state and an ally of dictatorial regimes, has already committed a huge number of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The actions of the russian armed forces have clear signs of genocide against Ukrainian citizens. 

By such actions, russia has lost any moral right to appeal to the legacy of victory over Nazism, because its actions de facto repeat Nazi atrocities and desecrate the memory of the exploits of veterans and participants of World War II. 

In this regard, we:

  • declare the inadmissibility of the russian federation's monopolization of victory over Nazism in World War II, which was a joint achievement of the Anti-Hitler Coalition and liberation movements, and the war itself a common tragedy of the peoples of the world
  • emphasize that the crimes of the russianfederation in Ukraine must be stopped, and the russianputin’s regime must be condemned and defeated by the joint efforts of the entire civilized world
  • are convinced that after the victory in the russian-Ukrainian war, our government and the Ukrainian people will honor the new state holiday of victory over modern Nazism, which will unite the whole society. 

Defeated the Nazis — will defeat the rashists!

Glory to Ukraine!

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