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04 May 2022, 10:05

The identity of Ukrainians is perhaps the most pressing issue, which always provokes outrageous discussions in Russia.

We have collected a selection of podcasts recorded supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, which reveal the theme of Ukrainian identity:

  • Podcast “Way to Yourself” - is a series of 25-minute interviews about the Soviet Union's influence on Ukrainians. Dmytro Borysov, Pavlo Gudimov, Oleksandr Avramenko, Tetyana Filevska and others discuss how Ukrainian society is getting rid of Soviet influence in various spheres of cultural life and returns to its own origins and creates new meanings.
  • Podcast "Search" - three series of podcasts in the form of radio reports about the stories of repressed families; musical culture of national minorities; stories of people who have lived in the central districts of Ukrainian cities for over 30 years and who saw history from their own windows. 
  • Podcast "Nice Podcast" (Fainyi Podcast) - is a series of 10 interviews with people who create contemporary Ukrainian culture, art, literature, protect cultural heritage and the environment, defend national culture and identity.

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