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04 May 2020, 16:05

The European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC) was founded in 1994 to promote dialogue and cooperation between social-oriented cultural centres in Europe. In the 2000s it became a "network of networks", before gradually opening membership to local networks in direct interaction with communities and citizens. It also includes individual organisations and professionals as associated members. The ENCC's core values are cultural equality, interculturalism, cultural democratisation and active citizenship through participation in cultural activities. We believe that active participation in arts and culture on an individual level brings personal but also societal development.

Benefits of ENCC membership:

  • conducting research and collecting data related to cultural centers, their audience and their impact;
  • stimulating intersectoral cooperation in the field of culture;
  • studying and supporting the models of cooperation and interaction of cultural organizations in rural areas;
  • expansion of own professional network in all activity;
  • exchange of best practices, experience, methodologies and knowledge with European colleagues;
  • development of professional skills;
  • search for partners among the ENCC members;
  • the opportunity to be inspired by other European practices, to get a broader view of local / regional / national issues and to integrate the European perspective into activities;
  • participation in debates during European conferences;
  • free access to resources (research, tools, project evaluation, etc.).

UCF hopes for fruitful cooperation with other members of the ENCC, which covers about 5,000 cultural venues in 24 countries with very diverse structures, practices and audiences.

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