02 June 2022, 16:06

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation has started a survey on the state of culture and creative industries during the war. Entrepreneurs and experts of the cultural and creative sphere are invited to participate in the survey via link (UA).

During the war, creative industries have suffered a drain of talents, cuts to financing, decrease in demand, breaking of the supply chains. Budget funds, which during the time of peace were allocated for the support of culture, are now directed towards the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the same time, creative industries have a chance to become an engine of Ukraine’s post-war restoration. Some entrepreneurs continue their work, exporting creative products and supporting the economy. Additionally, the community doesn’t stop its aid to the army and organization of countless volunteer initiatives.

Your answers about the state of creative industries during the war will help us form a plan to restore culture, attract partners and donors to strengthen the creative industries sector.

Note that the survey is anonymous. All data will be collected for further analysis. The duration of the poll is 10 minutes.

Together we win!

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