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Educational Programmes

LOT’s Mission:

Development of professional competences of artists and cultural operators through the development, piloting and implementation of innovative educational programmes.

LOT’s Purpose:

Development of professional competencies of artists and cultural operators both for the art creation and for its consumption. Facilitation of innovation development in the system of cultural and artistic education and related specialties, encouragement of formal and informal Ukrainian educational institutions to integrate into the European educational context by adapting European standards to training and education in the field of culture and arts.

LOT's task:

  • Support the development of new, innovative educational programmes / disciplines / courses / initiatives
  • Piloting educational programmes / disciplines / courses / initiatives
  • Implementation of educational programmes / disciplines / courses / initiatives

Who can apply:

  • private and state educational institutions in the field of formal and informal education, including artistic and non-artistic
  • public and charitable associations engaged in training / education in the field of culture and arts
  • creative unions and other professional associations and unions that are engaged in raising the skills of their members and participants
  • independent professional experts in training, facilitation and mediation in the field of culture and arts, registered as individual entrepreneurs / LLCs

Legal entity of all forms of ownership, a local self-governing authority or an individual entrepreneur (ІІІ group fixed tax payers), registered in Ukraine duly in accordance with the current legislation:

  • not less than one year prior to the date of the competition announcement, and
  • has experience in implementing similar projects.
ATTENTION! One legal entity, a local self-governing authority, an individual entrepreneur, has the right to submit only one application in all LOTs of all announced UCF competition programmes in 2019, and only act once as a partner.

Terms of application and project realization

Submission of application documents: 31 January 2019 - 17 March 2019

Project realization: 01 July 2019 – 10 November 2019

Reporting: until 22 November 2019

Within the LOT ‘Educational Programmes” following types of contests are available: